We’re Changing the Ways Providers, Funders, and Policy Makers Work Together to End Homelessness.

Communities throughout Washington State have dynamic networks of service providers, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations assisting those who become homeless. But they cannot do this work alone or in isolation.

There is no one way people become homeless. There is no one solution to the many factors that contribute to homelessness.

Our communities need a collaborative approach that addresses the complexity of homelessness. They need a reliable source of funding and investments. They need providers with high-quality services, programming, and staffing. And they need public policies that support change.

Building Changes is making progress in the fight against homelessness across Washington State by helping to design a better response. We work as an "intermediary," facilitating transformation and collaboration by aligning funding, sharing best practices and skills, and advocating for policy change.

Our 2012-2014 Strategic Business Plan outlines the strategies we are undertaking to move this work forward.