Funding Priorities

The Washington Youth & Families Fund is a ground-breaking public-private partnership dedicated to making youth and family homelessness rare, brief and one time. With funding from 25 public and private partners, we support 88 organizations throughout Washington State with grantmaking, capacity building, and policy guidance.

Support Services

Our service grants support two models of funding:

  • The Moderate-Needs Family Model emphasizes activities that promote employment opportunities and children’s services, as well as case management support.
  • The High-Needs Family Model focuses on permanent supportive housing with intensive services for homeless families with multiple barriers to housing.

Systems Innovation

We make targeted investments to change the way public systems, services (housing, counselling, and training), and communities work together to prevent and end homelessness. See Systems Change for our key strategies. 

Funding Availability

See Current Opportunities for information about funding availability for support services and systems innovation.