Friday, February 25 2011

Policy Paper Charts Course for Ending Family Homelessness

In 2010, Building Changes embarked on a journey to develop a roadmap for policy makers, providers and other stakeholders who are seeking to prevent and end homelessness in our state. Harnessing the momentum of the federal government and work taking place in our local communities, we created a policy paper that outlines the key concepts supporting this new approach and puts forth initiatives and policy adjustments at various levels to support new efforts and efforts already under way in our region.

The policy paper, which was released in February 2011, was developed in consultation with local, state, and federal homelessness experts and advocates.

Our hope is that this paper will help define and refine the advocacy agendas of Building Changes and its partners and serve as a map for others to chart their own course toward ending family homelessness.

Download the paper and related documents below: