Thursday, November 3 2011

Staff Spotlight: Nick Codd, Senior Economic Opportunities Specialist

Nick Codd

I’ve always been interested in helping people who are dealing with disadvantages and challenges in life. Early on, as a social worker, I was drawn to employment and vocational services, because it offered a clear pathway to concrete improvements in people’s lives.

Prior to joining Building Changes in February 2010, I spent many years developing and managing employment programs for people with mental health conditions, people experiencing homelessness, and people with disabilities. Here at Building Changes, I get to apply that experience and knowledge base to helping other organizations create employment programs. I feel that I have a unique understanding of both their hopes and the challenges they face, because I’ve been there.

What I find most rewarding is working with organizations that are truly passionate about serving their clients and being able to see tangible results from our efforts together. Building Changes’ Economic Opportunities Initiative has been an opportunity to do just that. In the span of eighteen months, many of our grantees have been able to start up new employment programs and strategies for their homeless and low-income clients. All of these organizations have made huge commitments to their clients and to the community as a whole. It’s really inspiring!

Looking ahead, I’m excited to do more training and capacitybuilding work around employment throughout the state. This work is really making a difference, and I’m honored to be a part of it.